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An Oiling System Manufacturer Integrating Design, Production And Sales, With Its Own Brand TRIBOS, Has Been Committed To The Development And Production Of Precision Automatic Oiling Devices For Stamping Processing For Many Years

Company product quality

Company Vision: 

The company is committed to providing customers with excellent oiling equipment, products and lubrication system solutions, and will promote the development of China's automatic oiling industry through the design team and relying on the company's strong independent research and development capabilities.    

Company mission:

Provide customers with automatic oiling equipment, comprehensive solutions and services.

(Relying on the company's rich experience in the automatic oiling industry for many years, we provide customers with professional customization of non-standard oiling devices to meet customer needs)

TROBOS will focus on customer needs and create value for customers through high-quality products and solutions with stable performance, and a complete service system