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What is the routine maintenance of automatic oiling machine

We are glad to answer your question about the maintenance methods of automatic oiling machine

The maintenance methods of the automatic oiling machine are as follows.


1、Before using the automatic oiling machine every day, you must pay attention to whether the grounding protection is in place. The grounding wire plays an important protective role for the equipment and personnel, and no grounding abnormalities and other phenomena can occur.

2 、Before using, check whether the gas pipe is leaking, whether the gas pipe is leaking oil and other phenomena, and deal with the fault immediately after it is found, then turn on the power to run, and regularly or periodically check whether the gas pipe and its connecting part are leaking.

3、After stopping each shift, be sure to scrub the oil dirt attached to the wall of the inner cavity of the automatic oiling machine spraying space and the oil dirt attached to the cylinder and hose to prevent the hose from hardening, and at the same time clean all parts of the machine and the surrounding working environment.

4、Check the oil pollution and oil quantity in the motor and worm gear once a week, and add or replace oil when necessary (oil needs to be replaced once every six months under normal circumstances).

5、Check the sprocket and chain lubrication of the automatic oiling machine once a week and whether the chain is tense, if there is looseness, the whole tire can be tensioned chain.

6、Replace the cleaning solvent in the roller brush box of the automatic oiling machine regularly to clean the oil stains precipitated in the box and on the roller brush.

7、Remove the residual paint stains on the conveyor belt of yarn automatic oiling machine regularly or periodically.

8. Please also clean the nozzle frequently during operation. The coating oil attached to the nozzle part will affect the coating quality.

8、The oil on the automatic oiler must be cleaned immediately after use and the remaining oil must be recycled.

Finally, it is also quite important to clean and maintain the automatic oiler itself. Absolutely no cheating. I hope you can help me. Thank you.