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Features of Aluminum Foil Coating

Aluminum foil oiling can be divided into sheet aluminum foil according to its shape. Most of the raw materials for the deep processing of aluminum foil are supplied in roll form. Only a few manual packaging occasions use aluminum foil. Aluminum foil coating oil can be divided into hard foil and soft foil according to its status. Aluminum foil oiled hard foil: Rolled aluminum foil without softening treatment (annealing) and degreasing treatment has a residual surface.

2023-04-24 10:17

Application of aluminum foil oiling

Aluminum foil coated with oil is a stamping material made of aluminum rolled directly onto a thin sheet. The stamping effect of aluminum foil coated with oil is similar to that of pure silver foil, so it is also called fake silver foil. Due to its softness and ductility, aluminum has a silvery-white luster. Aluminum foil can also be printed if the rolled sheet is mounted on offset paper with sodium silicate and other materials.

2023-04-24 10:19

The difference between nozzle type electrostatic oiling equipment and knife and beam type electrostatic oiling equipment

Knife beam type electrostatic oiling equipment is oil pump directly on the knife beam, through the tiny gap of the knife beam to spray oil. Because the gap of the knife beam is very small, so the oil purity requirements are very high. In actual production, it is impossible to completely clean the annealed strip or the cleaned strip surface with more or less residual iron powder and dust, which will inevitably cause the knife beam (especially the lower knife beam) to be blocked during the continuous production process, resulting in uneven oiling or leakage on the strip surface. Nozzle type electrostatic oiling equipment uses air pressure to pump oil to the nozzle and then sprays the oil out, so even if there are some tiny impurities in the oil under the pressure of the pump and air, the nozzle will not be clogged. Even if there is slight clogging, the impurities can be blown out of the nozzle by directly increasing the air flow, thus ensuring the quality of oiling.

2023-04-24 10:27

Oiling equipment: the development trend of electrostatic oiling equipment

Today, with the flourishing of science and technology, the help of oiling equipment is indispensable for everything from hot water to security doors, to cars or buildings. It can be said that because of the existence of oiling equipment, it not only saves the time we don't need to waste in our daily life, but also reduces some unnecessary expenses and plays a significant role in the direction of our business. On the contrary, some delays in production or mistakes in details may bring adverse effects to ourselves, so it is still important to grasp this link.

2023-04-24 10:28

Oiling equipment: matters requiring attention in the use and maintenance of electrostatic oiling equipment

The electrostatic oiling equipment consists of oiling chamber, high voltage electrostatic power supply, oil supply system, oil circuit heating and circulating system, electric control system and operating table. The upper and lower oiling knife beams/nozzles are horizontally installed in the oiling chamber, and the steel plate can pass through freely. The oil supply system quantifies the oil supplied to the oiling knife beam/nozzle to flow evenly from the knife gap of the knife beam and nozzle.

2023-04-24 10:28

Oiling equipment: functional characteristics of electrostatic oiling equipment

Electrostatic oiling equipment is a device that uses high voltage electrostatic to evenly spray antirust oil or other process media on the surface of the plate and strip. Composition: Electrostatic oiling equipment consists of oiling chamber, high voltage electrostatic power supply, oil supply system, electric control system and operating table.

2023-04-24 10:29