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Oiling equipment: matters requiring attention in the use and maintenance of electrostatic oiling equipment

The electrostatic oiling equipment consists of oiling chamber, high voltage electrostatic power supply, oil supply system, oil circuit heating and circulating system, electric control system and operating table. The upper and lower oiling knife beams/nozzles are horizontally installed in the oiling chamber, and the steel plate can pass through freely. The oil supply system quantifies the oil supplied to the oiling knife beam/nozzle to flow evenly from the knife gap of the knife beam and nozzle.


The high voltage electrostatic power supply outputs about 100 kV of negative DC high voltage, which is applied to the oiling knife beam/nozzle, causing a high voltage electrostatic field between the knife beam/nozzle and the steel plate as the grounding plate. The negatively charged oil is atomized in the high-voltage electrostatic field and adsorbed on the surface of the steel plate to form a uniform thin oil film. The electrostatic oiling equipment is a high-tech product integrating mechanical, hydraulic, high pressure and electrical control. Compared with the traditional roller oiling equipment, electrostatic oiling equipment has the advantages of uniform oiling, oil saving, reliable operation and no environmental pollution. Application areas: Electrostatic oiling equipment is mainly used in steel, machinery and other industries. The following is an introduction to the use and maintenance of electrostatic oiling equipment.

A. Selection of high pressure value

According to the distance between the spray beam of the oiling equipment and the steel plate, the high voltage value should be selected between 50~70KV and 70KV, and the following factors should be considered:

(1) Under the premise of ensuring the amount of oil, choose the lower voltage value as much as possible.

(2) If the spray beam of oiling equipment has continuous high voltage flicker or oil bifurcation, the high voltage value should be reduced.

II. Oil temperature setting

(1) The temperature of the oil supply tank is set to 40

(2) The temperature of the heating oil tank is set to 45

(3) Set the oil volume: the leveling and split volume oiling volume is set to 1200, and the oil volume used for re-splitting is set to 700

III. Maintenance of the oiler

1. Mainframe maintenance: (1) When the oiling chamber wall, insulation guide plate and the outer wall of the spray beam are seriously contaminated, it will affect the oiling effect and even cause high-voltage firing and arc discharge, which must be cleaned in time. Cleaning work includes: remove the metal chips and debris falling in the oiling chamber. (2) Use the oil scraping brush to hang the inside wall of the insulation guide and the oil coating chamber, and then wipe clean.

2. Maintenance of spray beam: Flush the spray beam with a large amount of flushing solution. , when the above method is ineffective, cut off the high voltage, open the oiling equipment, discharge and then gently wipe the dirt on the knife mouth with a cotton cloth, paying special attention not to touch the knife mouth. Then insert the plug ruler into the seam of the spray beam, slowly move along the direction of the spray beam to remove the dirt and wipe with a clean cotton cloth. Note that the plug ruler and the spray beam at an angle to move to ensure that the dust does not move inside the spray beam.

3. High-voltage maintenance: In order to extend the service life of the high-voltage power supply of the oiling equipment, the grounding of the high-voltage power supply should be measured regularly to ensure good grounding.