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Effect of micro-lubricants on MQL micro-lubrication systems

With the presentation of environmental problems, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection issues. Especially, some enterprises are gradually required to rectify their pollution emission problems. Therefore, continuous improvement of equipment and production methods to reduce pollution emissions has become the theme of enterprise innovation. It is also in this context that the MQL micro-lubrication system has emerged in the machining manufacturing industry. It is the most advanced gas-liquid fluid lubrication and cooling technology at present. It has a very good environmental effect. It has become a new star of lubrication system.

Machine users can significantly reduce production costs by using MQL micro-lubrication systems. Due to more precise surface machining, these systems can achieve longer tool life and improved product quality. The MQL system system does not require cooling lubricant, thus saving on lubricant, associated lubricant filters, cost of preparation systems and disposal. In addition there is no need to clean the workpiece and debris, MQL micro-lubrication systems combine the advantages of traditional wet and dry cutting. Compared with dry cutting, MQL has greatly improved the cooling and lubricating conditions of the cutting process because of the introduction of cooling and lubricating medium, which makes it much less friction between the tool, chip and workpiece and greatly increases the tool life. Moreover, the use of MQL micro cutting fluid is extremely minute, which reduces the cost of producing products, and at the same time, by using synthetic grease with good degradability as lubricant, it can reduce the pollution of the environment and the harm to the health of the staff.

The size and aggregation of oil particles in this system have an effect on the lubrication effect on the surface of the parts in contact. And the pressure of oil particles compressed air, nozzle distance and the amount of lubricant use influence. Under the same conditions, the amount of lubricant use and nozzle distance increase, the oil droplets become larger and the speed decreases. Similarly, under the same conditions, the air pressure increases, the droplet becomes smaller and the speed becomes larger. When the oil droplet speed becomes lower, it tends to deviate during the transmission process, thus affecting the lubrication effect. Therefore, when using MQL micro-lubrication system, you need to pay attention to the amount of oil used, nozzle distance and air pressure, etc. So the nozzle type varies according to the application, and there are round, wide and ring-shaped nozzles.