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What are the obvious advantages of automatic oiling machines in terms of energy saving

Automatic oiling machines are said to have significant advantages in terms of energy saving. What exactly does it show? Let's take a look at:



1. High lubrication efficiency

Gas-liquid two-phase film greatly improves the bearing capacity of the oil film, reduces the friction loss, and improves the lubrication efficiency. Oil and gas lubrication with lubricant to reach the lubrication point, trace oil flow slowly, continuously and evenly, the lubricant obtained from the bearing is always fresh, the oil and gas produced by the gas-liquid two-phase oil film is always fresh, will not damage the bearing performance. The service life of bearings and other transmission parts of oil and gas lubrication is 3 ~ 6 times of other lubrication methods, so users can save a lot of spare parts purchase and storage costs.

2. Low energy consumption

It is a fine lubrication method that can be supplied on demand, neither lubricated nor under-lubricated. The consumption of lubricant is only part of oil mist lubrication, part of dry oil lubrication and part of loss of thin oil lubrication.

3.Wide application occasions

Oil and gas lubrication is applicable to the lubrication of rolling bearings, open gears, chains, tracks, rims, etc. Especially suitable for high temperature, high speed, heavy load, very low speed and eroded by water or other chemical dangerous fluid.

4. Low bearing temperature

Compressed air is a natural coolant, and the overflow of compressed air takes away a lot of heat, so the bearings can keep low temperature operation. Bearing temperature in some high temperature occasions can be reduced by 30 ~ 150. In low temperature occasions can be reduced by 10 ~ 40. At the same time, compressed air overflow from the bearing housing, can make the bearing housing to maintain a positive pressure of 0.1 ~ 0.3 bar, can effectively seal the bearing housing, to prevent external water, chemically aggressive fluids, harmful gases, scale and other dirt into the bearing housing, causing damage to the bearing.

5. Almost no moving parts

There are only three moving parts: oil pump, progressive distributor and solenoid valve, which makes the automatic oiling machine more stable and reliable in operation.

6. Low maintenance cost

Automatic oiling machine has low energy consumption, few moving parts, and the service life of the transmission parts is greatly increased, so the operation and maintenance cost of the lubricated equipment is also greatly reduced accordingly, except for regular cleaning of the air filter and high pressure filter, and adding lubricant to the oil tank, other maintenance is basically not required.

7. Piping is simple

Automatic oiling machine piping is simple, easy to install and piping, no special requirements for piping direction. It not only conveys from high level to low level like oil mist lubrication system, but also does not need to install return pipe like thin oil circulation system; and most of the pipes are low-pressure pipes (2 ~ 5 bar), which are not easy to leak.

8. Low environmental impact

The lubricating oil and compressed air in the automatic oiling machine are not really merged, the lubrication is not atomized, the lubricating oil and compressed air coming out from the oil and gas pipeline are also separated, and the compressed air overflowing from the bearing housing basically does not contain lubricant. This fully embodies the concept of fine lubrication, that is to say, how much is needed, how much is given, never under-lubrication or over-lubrication, and the best lubrication effect can be achieved with the least amount of lubricant.