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Oiling of aluminum foil: A study on oiling of aluminum foil for tableware

Currently recyclable aluminum tableware aluminum foil products are being widely used in the aviation industry as well as in food production and household. However, there is no way to directly stamp aluminum foil on a lunchbox press. In the old production process, volatile oil was used as a lubricant before stamping, but there is no way to eliminate oil and aluminum powder left on the surface of aluminum foil by any means. products. In order to make the oiling of aluminum foil easier, to reduce the wear and tear of molds and stamping, to be environmentally friendly, to be practical and to be competitive in the market, it is imperative to study the oiling of tableware aluminum foil.



According to the tableware needs aluminum foil oiling and stamping and other characteristics, after the study proved that aluminum foil oiling must achieve the following characteristics, first of all, the surface oil of aluminum foil oiling must be uniform, in order to achieve the effect that can fully isolate the air, so that the tableware can not be oxidized by the oxygen in the air, and can also prevent the tableware from being scratched. The aluminum foil coating on the product does not need to be coated more than once and cannot be missed. The aluminum foil will be cut randomly by the production process and will produce plastic deformation effect when stamping, especially if it is not evenly coated with oil at the forming stress point, the stress concentration effect will appear at the place with more oil and the product will be inverted or broken, so there are high requirements for the precision of the coating. The oiling of aluminum foil is determined by the subsequent process, otherwise it will be difficult to clean and cause problems in the printing process.

It is because aluminum foil coating needs to have a certain molding strength, high ductility and a strong uniformity on the surface to ensure that the product will not be cracked in the subsequent processing and will not be deformed in use after molding to ensure the quality of the product, so the research on aluminum foil coating is very important. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the development of aluminum foil coating is becoming more and more rapid, and it can gradually meet the needs of people for various kinds of tableware, and is being widely used. If you feel that the current aluminum foil coating products still do not meet your requirements, you may want to look for more advanced coating methods.

The above is the content of the tableware aluminum foil coating for your introduction, hope it will help you!