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Sheet Metal Coating: What are the disadvantages of sheet metal coating and how to improve it?

 I'm sure no one is unfamiliar with sheet metal, especially in the market, many customers are beginning to pursue new technologies such as sheet metal oiling, but it still has some problem areas, so I hope reading this article will be helpful to you in order to better utilize its value.



If the amount of oil applied to the sheet metal is too large, it will lead to an impression of the quality of the product. In order not to affect the effect of the later use, it can only be operated in the way of single-sided undercut beam oiling in order to be able to operate better. At the same time, in order to reduce the amount of sheet metal oiling and also to reduce the viscosity of the oil, so many businesses will add a certain percentage of isopropyl alcohol with volatility to the oil. In the process of using the oil, frequent oiling of the sheet metal will lead to blockage of the cutter beam, which will cause leakage and eventually affect the quality of the oiling and indirectly the quality of the product. If the quality of oiling is not stable, it will also cause a large error in the amount of oiling of the same batch of products, which will lead to the customer's request for compensation or return of the product, bringing a burden to the economic efficiency. In addition, sheet metal oiling will cause the cost of oil to increase, bringing greater losses and reducing product efficiency and product rates.

 In order to better make the sheet metal oiling have better benefits, there should be further improvement for the above problems. If the sheet metal is oiled on both sides, it will get good effect and feedback, no matter it is aesthetic or stamping effect, and the operator can control it better, so that the error can be controlled within the controllable range, and compared with the previous sheet metal oiling, it is more perfect in using safety, and it does not need Compared with the previous sheet metal coating oil, it is safer to use and does not require additional volatile agent to operate, eliminating the risk of arc pulling and burning, and there is a certain reduction in staffing, so there is no need to have extra staff on site to check the oiling blockage and leakage.

This is the end of the basic introduction of sheet metal coating oil. In order to better play the value of the product, we should consider various aspects when choosing a supplier and start comprehensively, so that not only can the finished product play its greater practical value, but also can bring more economic benefits.