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Aluminum foil oiling: What are the ways of aluminum foil oiling?

Aluminum foil is a kind of stamping material with metal aluminum directly calendered into a thin sheet, using professional technology, it can be stamping effect similar to pure silver foil stamping effect, so some people also call it fake silver foil. Due to its soft and ductile texture, aluminum also has a silver-white luster. It can be made into foil sheets under certain circumstances, and the calendered sheets can be printed by laminating them on offset paper with substances such as sodium silicate. With the development of the economy, other uses have been discovered, such as oiling of aluminum foil. I hope that after reading this article you will discover the magic of aluminum foil coating and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.



In the past, there were two main ways to apply oil to aluminum foil, one was manual oiling and the other was spray oiling. The former method, also known as manual foil oiling, involves the use of an oiling brush or oil solution applied manually to the foil in motion during the operation of the equipment, which has the disadvantage of being a worker factor. Since this is mainly a manual way of oiling the foil, it will produce an uneven layer of oil and dripping, and there are also certain operational and safety hazards. For the latter type of foil oiling, the foil is oiled mainly by pressure, which is a harmful factor that does not guarantee the overall quality and can damage the flatness of the foil if the pressure is not well controlled, thus requiring a great deal of skill and equipment performance from the operator.

 In order to reduce the labor intensity of the operator, to guarantee the integrity and quality of the foil and to increase the productivity, many suppliers have started to improve the process of continuous oiling of the foil with a simple and reliable equipment, which, after improvement, basically enables continuous oiling without damaging the integrity of the foil. One of the biggest highlights of this improvement is the addition of rubber. An oiling roller is set horizontally in the frame below the roll, and this foil oiling device can be in contact with the rubber roll. A lifting device is also set below the oiling groove to reduce the operator's labor intensity, so that the final presentation of the product and the operation are greatly enhanced.