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Aluminum foil oiling: understanding and working principle of aluminum foil oiling device

 In recent years, with the development of science and technology and economic construction, in the cigarette industry in order to make the product show better results, China's cigarette industry, the main packaging machine equipment used in the GDX1, GDX2 and other models, many cigarette factories reflect that these types of packaging machines for aluminum foil paper requirements are higher, in addition to the raw and auxiliary materials have more stringent requirements, if the choice of raw materials are not suitable for the product will be The quality of the product will have a direct impact. Therefore, there are still many considerations for the selection of aluminum foil, especially for the purchase of aluminum foil oiling devices. If the choice is not appropriate, the foil will be brittle in the process of use, and even in the process of packaging, it will be easily broken and wasted, which will have a direct impact on the operation efficiency.


In the current market, almost all cigarette packaging machines are manually oiled with aluminum foil during operation, that is, to prevent breakage, the surface of the aluminum foil is coated with grease for protection. In this whole process, the machine operator not only has to set the operation of the machine according to the regulations, but also frequently to carry out the foil oiling, which not only increases the labor intensity and operation content, and the manual operation is more arbitrary, can not accurately control the amount of oiling, affecting the stability of the product. Despite this disadvantage, there are still many manufacturers who choose the manual method of foil greasing for two main reasons. The second reason is that the grease thickness of the aluminum foil needs to be constantly adjusted to meet the needs of the cigarette factory, so it has to be re-greased after receiving the goods. The third reason is that the equipment itself has different needs for grease, and the flexibility of using employees is much higher.

After understanding the basics of aluminum foil greasing, I believe some people will be curious about its working principle: the working principle of aluminum foil greasing is mainly done by the equipment. The fully automatic device for aluminum foil greasing is, as far as I know, composed of a control box, a man-machine interface unit, an oil storage atomizer, two conversion sensors and two grease applicator head devices. Different parts have their own main mission, for example, the main role of the sensor is to read the pulse signal, etc.