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Oiling device: How does the visual oiling device work and what are its advantages?

The visual oiling device starts the gear pump to adjust the shut-off valve of the pipe so that the coating is evenly sprayed on the whole outer surface of the pipe with a small flow rate. Avoid coating leakage. Open and adjust the size of the air inlet valve, the conical outlet of the air injection ring and the opening so that the compressed air can evenly blow and rub the coating on the outer surface of the round pipe with appropriate flow rate to reach the required thickness and prevent the phenomenon of overhanging flow until the commissioning is satisfactory.


When the front end of the round tube passes the sensor in front of the oiling unit, its signal is transmitted to the electronic control system. According to the time setting before start-up, the solenoid valves of the oiling ring and the oiling ring will be opened sequentially for oiling and oiling wiping. When the end of the round tube passes the sensor in front of the oiling unit, its signal is transmitted to the electronic control system. According to the time setting before starting, the solenoid valves of the oil spray ring and the oil spray ring will close in sequence to stop oil spraying and oil wiping. After the outer surface of the round tube sprayed with antirust oil is blown and rubbed by the compressed air of the air jet ring, the excess paint flows to the filter outside the box through the return slot inside the box, and the paint flows back to the oil tank inside the box automatically after being filtered for reuse. A very small amount of compressed air blown from the jet ring can be blown out of the box through the gap between the air guide and the round tube, and most of the compressed air can be blown out through the opening in the upper part of the box, while the paint mixed in the compressed air falls into the box. Thus, the useless loss of coating is reduced to a low level. The vision system of the visual greasing device uses a machine to measure and judge instead of the human eye.

The CCD vision inspection of a vision greasing device is generally understood as a camera with a CCD chip. Such cameras are used in industrial production to form a set of equipment with inspection functions called vision inspection equipment. Visual inspection has the advantages of high detection accuracy, fast processing speed, strong anti-interference ability and stable operation. Now it has been applied to industrial automation, which can complete controlled inspection of difficult to control factors such as quantity, dirt, standard and positioning in the production of goods, eliminate defective products and ensure product quality. The automation of visual inspection of oiling devices has many advantages: automated inspection, improve work efficiency and realize real-time product inspection; improve inspection accuracy, unify inspection standards, eliminate individual differences in manual inspection, and ensure the quality of each product is qualified; one investment, the average cost is much less than the cost of labor, which can also solve the problem of difficult recruitment of enterprises; information storage records can summarize and analyze data to facilitate the front-end process Identify problems and provide suggestions for the follow-up process.