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Oiling device: electrostatic oiling device rust prevention oil use need to pay attention to matters

With the rapid development of industrialization in China, especially the rapid development of automobile manufacturing and home appliance manufacturing, the requirements for cold rolled steel and galvanized steel, which are the most critical in their use, are getting higher and higher, especially for their mechanical properties and surface quality. One of them is that the amount of antirust oil applied to the product surface should be 0.5 ~ 2.5g/, and it must have good antirust performance and compatibility with electrophoretic coating process. This is when the electrostatic oiling device can play a great role.


In order to ensure the amount of oil on the surface of cold rolled steel plates, many cold rolling mills have changed roller oiling and manual oiling to electrostatic oiling. This new method of electrostatic oiling is to atomize the antirust oil and use the high pressure electrostatic field to distribute the atomized particles evenly on the surface of the steel plate. The anti-rust oil of electrostatic oiling device is a kind of anti-rust oil for electrostatic oiling machine, which is suitable for metallurgical industry to oil and prevent rust on cold-rolled sheet and galvanized sheet by electrostatic oiling machine, and also suitable for long-term storage and anti-rust of general mechanical equipment.

The anti-rust oil of the electrostatic oiling device can be directly used for oiling and preventing rust of galvanized or cold-rolled steel sheets by brushing, dipping or electrostatic spraying. In addition, if electrostatic spraying antirust oil is not used, it should be placed in a cool and dry place in time to avoid the entry of moisture impurities to the maximum extent possible, which will affect the antirust quality of the products.

Application and operation and maintenance of rust prevention oil of electrostatic coating device: Industrial application. Rustproof oil can prevent corrosion of steel plates and is the most commonly used rustproof material for protecting steel plates at present. During the use of antirust oil, the parts of the steel plate that are easy to corrode should be coated with antirust oil. At present, two methods are commonly used for steel plate coating: roll coating and electrostatic coating. Electrostatic oiling is the most widely used method. Since the end of 1990, in the rolling process and finishing process of cold-rolled steel plates in China, the traditional method of roller oiling is no longer used, but a new method of electrostatic oiling is applied. It can be seen through the actual industrial production process that this oil has excellent atomization performance, uniform oiling performance, excellent antirust performance and excellent degreasing performance. This oil can meet the requirements of domestic steel plate protection.

Use and maintenance of electrostatic oiling device: In order to enable users to better use the rust prevention oil in industrial production, the guidance on the use, maintenance and operation process of electrostatic spraying rust prevention oil is to be elaborated to customers.