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Oiling device: Structure and characteristics of oiling device

The oiling device is a high-tech product integrating mechanical, hydraulic, high pressure and electrical control. It mainly consists of oiling chamber, oil supply system, hydraulic system, high pressure electrostatic system, electric control system and console. The oiling room is equipped with upper knife beam/nozzle and lower knife beam/nozzle, and the steel belt can pass freely. The oil supply system supplies oil to the upper and lower knife beams. After the speed sensor detects the running speed of the steel belt, the oil quantity is controlled by PLC, and the oil quantity on the surface of the steel belt is always stable under the speed up, speed down and stable operation of the unit. Meanwhile, the DC high voltage power supply provides 0-80KV negative DC high voltage for the upper and lower knife beam/nozzle, so that a high voltage electrostatic field is generated between the knife beam/nozzle and the steel belt as the grounding electrode. Under the action of the high voltage electrostatic field, the antirust oil is atomized and adsorbed on the surface of the steel strip to form a uniform thin oil film. The thickness of the oil film can be adjusted according to the production process of the steel strip.


What are the main structure and features of the bearing oiling device?

1. The oiling device is composed of control system, filtering device, atomizing nozzle, feeding system, frequency control system and residual mist treatment system.

2. Both sides are sprayed with oil. Automatic fine atomizing nozzle on the upper part and adjustable air atomizing nozzle on the lower part.

3. The control system is controlled by frequency converter, electrical components and gas regulating valve. The efficiency of coated products can be controlled by stepless speed adjustment of frequency converter.

4. Filtration system. The system consists of oil filtration and compressed air filtration. a. The filter between the partition and oil pool in the box, the filter element at the oil pump inlet, and the precision filter between the nozzle and the oil supply port force the oil filtration. Ensure the cleanliness of the oil coating and prolong the service life of the nozzle. b. The compressed air filtration is performed by the air filter on the pressure reducing valve for precision filtration to prevent the moisture in the compressed air from entering the antirust solution and affecting the antirust effect of the product.

5. The feeding system consists of three parts: flat plate feeder, rotating cage and stainless steel belt unloader. (1) The workpiece can be placed directly on the conveyor, or indirectly fed through other auxiliary materials, such as inspection tables and workbenches, or connected to other conveying equipment. (2) The product makes a pendulum movement in the rotating cage, and through the rotation of the cage, the product can be pushed forward all the way to the unloading body.

The above is the structure and characteristics of the oiling device introduced for you, I hope it will be helpful to you!