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Application of micro oil and gas lubrication system

On which equipment can the micro oil and gas lubrication system be used? We usually use it for micro-lubrication in the aluminum cutting process, because the traditional aluminum cutting machine uses soap flower liquid, which leads to a lot of scale on the ground material, so the post-treatment is troublesome and not enough for environmental protection. This is a headache for many processors and one of the problems they have been trying to solve.

At present, there are fewer and fewer companies using this kind of trace oil and gas lubrication system in the market, and most of them turn to trace oil and gas lubrication system for cutting. This cutting method ensures a clean and dry material surface for subsequent processing. In recent years, copper materials have also been converted to micro-lubrication spray devices for cutting metals in the non-ferrous metal industry.

The lathe industry and milling industry are now following the example of the copper and aluminum processing industry. The existing lubrication is changed to a micro oil and gas lubrication system, which can set the spray volume and spray time according to the processed material, quasi-dry cutting, and the workshop environment is relatively environmentally friendly. For example, drilling, tapping and other processes have been changed to micro-lubrication.

For milling machine material milling process, you can also use the micro oil and gas lubrication system, including the recent lathe without tool magazine, so micro-lubrication is also a major trend in our current industry. The use of micro oil and gas lubrication system equipment is more environmentally friendly and easier to use than traditional lubricants, which can better protect materials without environmental pollution.

Micro oil and gas lubrication system has become a very common lubrication system. So, what should you pay attention to when using micro oil and gas lubrication system? If you want to use this system well, you need to understand this issue. Let's solve this problem together.

It is used for processing stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and other non-ferrous metals, and for lubrication of sawing, grinding, cutting, tapping, bending, milling, punching, stamping, forming, etc. It can also be used for precision lubrication of open bearings and gears of large machinery, material cutting (sawing) of aluminum and copper ingots of various specifications, milling of various plate ingots (single-sided and double-sided milling), cutting (sawing) of profiles after extrusion by extruder, turning milling, drilling and tapping, etc., for high-precision cutting of various precision alloy parts (heat treatment required later).

Micro oil and gas lubrication system use precautions:

1. When milling T-slot workpiece with T-slot milling cutter after milling without motor feed, the table will move, which will easily cause the milling cutter to break. Therefore, when milling T-slot, T-slot milling cutter should not ignore the manual slow feed when milling fast, but should feed in time to prevent the milling cutter from breaking.

2. The cutting parameters for milling T-slots should not be too large. In the cutting process, the cutting conditions are poor, should choose a smaller feed and lower milling speed.

3. Pay attention to the broken T-slot milling cutter. During the milling process, it is difficult to discharge the chips and lubricate them slightly. Therefore, chips tend to fill the chip groove of the milling cutter, which reduces or even loses the cutting ability of the milling cutter and causes the cutter to break. Especially when milling long T-slots, it is more likely to mill to the middle part. Therefore, during the milling process, it is necessary to remove the milling cutter blades and clean the chips frequently to prevent chip blockage.

The above is a summary of precautions for using micro oil and air lubrication system. Do you remember these precautions? After you are familiar with them, you can reduce the mistakes better.