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Application of oiling device

Wire rope for coal mine is prone to corrosion and pitting due to high environmental humidity. In order to ensure the safety of operation, the daily maintenance of wire rope is the most important in the mechanical and electrical maintenance work. Oiling device is to prevent wire rope corrosion damage, mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel should regularly lubricate and anti-corrosion treatment on wire rope. This kind of paint is drawn by hand in the past. When the wire rope needs oiling, the winch should stop smoothly to ensure the safety of the wire rope and oiler.

Oiling device specific oiling method is: two mechanical workers along the direction of the wire rope, one holding a bucket of oil, one with a brush wire rope. Refueling using manual refueling, labor intensity, labor efficiency is low. In addition, some parts of the wire rope contact with the ground, so it is impossible to use the wire rope on the ground by hand.

The oiling device can make the high-power motor start at no load, reduce the impact on electric h machine and machinery; ensure the smooth start of the heavy-duty vehicle of the belt conveyor, and the material will not slide when starting at full load; provide adjustable, stable and shock-free starting torque; reduce the dynamic tension start of the conveyor belt during operation, reduce the safety factor of the conveyor belt, and reduce the mechanical strength of the conveying elements under normal working conditions, oiling The system of oiling device has high working efficiency and low power loss.

The oiling device is well matched with the motor and can make full use of the maximum motor torque of electrical energy; multi-motor drive balance; realize stepless speed regulation of the conveyor, the start time can be adjusted within 0-300s to meet the needs of different working conditions; adjustable belt inspection speed: when the belt is unloaded, the minimum belt inspection speed is 15%-20% of the design speed. When the conveyor is overloaded, the white action overload protection function can be realized; the supporting electrical part has remote control interface, which can realize the functions of local and remote start/stop, load distribution monitoring, control and overload fault monitoring.

At present, the oiling device equipment has been put into operation for nearly two years, and users are very satisfied with its performance requirements. The steel wire rope oiler is oiling the steel wire rope passing through the groove. The steel wire rope to be oiled enters the oiling groove from the inlet, passes through the oiling groove, is oiled in the groove and reaches the outlet. The oiling device can complete the process of coating the mooring fluid. The oil can be fully oiled on the wire rope to improve the efficiency and oiling effect of the wire rope.